Join forces with world-class automation experts

A global community of integration professionals is rising in support of the Celigo platform—and the Automation Ambassadors Program is here to connect them.


Gain the recognition of peers and partners

The Celigo Automation Ambassadors Program recognizes innovative customers and partners who’ve leveraged the power of automation and integration. Explore how the Celigo platform helps them connect, lead, and stand out in this evolving space.


Shape new products, find fresh insights

Become an Automation Ambassador to network with your peers, elevate your brand, access exclusive insights, and help shape future Celigo features.

A community for networking

Automation Ambassadors Program is a global community of professionals who connect, share insights, and drive meaningful change.

A voice in future products

As an ambassador, you can directly impact the evolution of Celigo’s products by providing your unique perspective.

A platform for your brand

Elevate your brand’s position by attending events, sharing success stories, and being featured in marketing campaigns.

A rewarding experience

Today’s Automation Ambassadors earn rewards for showcasing their contributions and achievements within the community.

Become an Automation Ambassador

Join the program to connect with peers and build the future of automation.

Integration, meet inspiration

Join the worldwide community of Celigo-enabled innovators who are redefining the customer experience with the power of automation.