Published Aug 31, 2023

Enter AI error management: The time-saving tool that’s changing iPaaS

Kim Loughead

Kim Loughead

3 key takeaways

  • Celigo is leveraging AI to revolutionize error management.
  • The Celigo platform has a 95% error resolution rate.
  • We’re continuing to use AI to advance our platform by building Celigo AI Assist.

Venturing into the realm of AI is a bit like embarking on a journey into the unknown–both offer the thrill of discovery and the promise of transforming what’s possible. In 2019, we did just that and set out to reshape our iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) with AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning).

We placed AI at the heart of the Celigo platform because we recognized its potential to transcend being just a tool. We knew it could be an innovation catalyst capable of saving time and resources.

As we delved into the depths of this technology, our first priority was to discern where it could generate the most value for our customers. It became apparent that AI’s potential could be harnessed in two distinct directions: enhancing design-time experiences or optimizing run-time efficiency.

While both avenues held promise, we decided to prioritize optimizing run-time. This decision was fueled by our unique insight into the daily struggles of integration management–a pain often underestimated by competitors who focused their AI endeavors on design-time enhancements. With a firm conviction that AI could revolutionize error management on the Celigo platform, we started down a path to address the challenges head-on.

AI and a 95% error resolution rate

Our AI journey commenced with a bold move: implementing a mechanism to automatically resolve integration run-time errors from external APIs. Our customers were very familiar with this issue and often had to rely on experienced IT developers to painstakingly research and resolve these errors.

To address this challenge, we created an error classifier capable of real-time error processing, paving the way for automated error recovery. Today, our platform successfully processes 500 million errors per month and automatically resolves 426 million of them–resulting in a 95% resolution rate.

This is an evolving feature that is continually improving and responding to emerging error patterns with automated solutions.

Removing manual processes and taking back time

Celigo’s revolutionary approach to error management extends far beyond the numbers. Our main goal was to eliminate a time-consuming problem that our customers face. By leveraging AI, we were able to save customers an average of 10 hours per week. Imagine what your teams could do with an extra 10 hours a week.

Traditional iPaaS platforms require manual intervention from experienced IT developers, but Celigo’s AI-driven platform empowers a wide range of users. Non-technical users, such as business teams, can manage errors independently, drastically reducing reliance on a limited number of highly skilled developers. This shift frees up valuable resources for strategic endeavors.

The pioneering aspect of Celigo’s AI error management is not merely in its impressive error management rate but in its comprehensive classification capability.

We implemented AI-powered error management by training the AI engine using billions of error records and instructing it to categorize errors into the following categories:

Today, the AI model recognizes errors from any API, including custom APIs, even if we’ve never integrated that API before. Its ability to classify errors and recommend resolutions often surpasses the expertise of its human counterparts.

Based on the type of error, we have auto-resolution policies that take action to fix it or automatically resolve it if the original error condition isn’t present anymore. For example, if data was fixed in the source system, or the API connection was re-established.

Celigo’s Error Management Dashboard: Investigating errors for a flow

Shaping the future of integration

Celigo’s commitment to innovation and our customers is an ongoing endeavor, constantly fueled by the pursuit of excellence. The journey to revolutionize error management was not confined to addressing the immediate challenges but extended to crafting a long-term vision for error-free integrations and time-saving efficiencies for our customers.

With the recent strides in generative AI, Celigo is pushing the boundaries of design-time acceleration with the imminent introduction of Celigo AI Assist—an innovation that will provide a comprehensive knowledge navigator. This navigator will offer answers, suggestions, and an AI-guided flow builder, amplifying user proficiency and facilitating unparalleled mastery of the Celigo platform.

Our ongoing commitment to AI innovation 

In an ever-evolving tech landscape, Celigo’s pioneering journey is a testament to our commitment to innovation, customer empowerment, and the transformative potential of AI. By placing AI at the heart of our platform, we have reshaped the integration landscape, ushering in an era where errors are no longer stumbling blocks but growth opportunities. As we continue to evolve, anticipate, and innovate, Celigo remains dedicated to equipping our customers with the tools to conquer challenges, amplify efficiency, and unlock the true potential of integration.

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