Published Apr 16, 2024

Celigo’s April platform release: Innovating for efficiency & intelligence

Dave Wallen

Dave Wallen

3 key takeaways

  • The Advanced Field Editors now intuitively remember your layout preferences.
  • New enhancements help you convert regular language into SQL queries.
  • Accelerate your workflow configurations with our bank of prebuilt flow steps.

April showers bring not just May flowers but also the much-anticipated Celigo Integration Platform Release. Our platform enhancements are designed to streamline integration, improve user experience, and expand your connectivity possibilities.

For our valued customers, these upgrades mean a profound improvement in your daily operations, equipping you with tools that make your life easier.  Here are the highlights from our April release that we’re excited to share with you.

Advanced Field Editor (AFE) layout persistence

We’ve listened to your feedback! The Advanced Field Editors now intuitively remember your layout preferences. Once you set up an editor layout that works for you, the system ensures it’s ready to go each time you return. Say goodbye to the repetitive setup and hello to a consistent, more personalized user experience.

AI-powered SQL queries

Harnessing the power of AI, we’ve made data querying as simple as typing a question. The enhancement to the NetSuite JDBC connector means that you can convert regular language into SQL queries without being a SQL expert. This groundbreaking feature democratizes data management and boosts productivity.

Acceleration through prebuilt flow steps

Accelerate your workflow configurations with our bank of prebuilt flow steps. These resources, drawn from widespread community wisdom and proven use cases, will significantly reduce setup time. Flexibility is key–clone a flow step directly or select a template from the marketplace that best fits your integration needs without leaving Flow-builder.

Visually simplified sheets exports

Enhanced Google Sheets and Smartsheet exporting features make your data more intuitive than ever. Experience the ease of managing headers as visual columns and enjoy the streamlined presentation of data in a key:value format, all of which elevate your downstream processes to new levels of efficiency.

Key connector enhancements

We’ve expanded our repertoire of connectors to centralize your operations across different domains:

  • Financial operations: Oracle Financials Cloud and Pigment connectors now deliver enhanced financial reporting and operational compliance.
  • Customer engagement: New connectors like, Okendo, Bazaarvoice,, and Affirm enrich customer interactions, transforming loyalty and review management.
  • Marketing and sales: Captivate your audience with the power of connectors such as Pinterest, Hootsuite, and others. Create engaging, impactful campaigns with advanced tools at your disposal.
  • Ecommerce and digital experience: Elevate the customer journey with Bloomreach and Oracle Eloqua integrations for a personalized experience that drives conversion.

These updates are the result of our commitment to offering a cutting-edge, user-centric integration platform. We hope you find these improvements to be as valuable as we believe them to be.

At Celigo, we are not just upgrading a platform; we are revolutionizing the way you integrate applications and automate workflows. Standing still is not an option in the fast-paced world of technology, and these April enhancements are a testament to our ongoing pledge to keep your business ahead.

Explore the new features and see how they can redefine your operational landscape. For more details on these and all the other exciting updates, consult the release notes.

Thank you for trusting Celigo as your partner on this exhilarating journey of integration excellence. We can’t wait to see where these advancements will take your business next.

Stay tuned, stay integrated.