Published Dec 6, 2023

Black Friday-Cyber Monday success! Celigo supports over $1.4B in orders

Ebru Saglam

Ebru Saglam

The 2023 Black Friday-Cyber Monday (BFCM) shopping period wrapped up last week, with 200 million consumers making in-store and online purchases. During Cyber Week, the five days between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, online spending rose by 7.8% year-over-year, significantly higher than initial estimates.

As the integration platform underlying the ecommerce operations of major online retailers, Celigo played a critical part in supporting BFCM sales. So, how did the Celigo iPaaS solution perform during this busy, high-volume period? Here are some standout numbers highlighting Celigo’s pivotal role in automating retail transactions during the bustling BFCM period.

Celigo orders were estimated to be valued at $1.4B+ GMV

Based on Salesforce’s estimated average order value (AOV) of $108, purchases worth a gross merchandise value (GMV) of more than $1.4B came through Celigo during BFCM. This number represents tens of millions of orders successfully processed through the Celigo platform. The increasing adoption of Celigo by leading ecommerce brands and retailers, the growth of its customers over the previous year due to automation and improved processes, and an increase in consumer spending contributed to the high volume of orders processed on the platform.

Celigo experienced a remarkable ~2.5x surge in orders

Compared to an average day in 2023, Celigo saw a nearly 150% increase in orders going through the platform above the daily average. Leveraging integration-based automation, the iPaaS solution drove operational excellence for its ecommerce customers, including some leading online brands and retailers.

Celigo experienced 100% uptime during BFCM

During this peak season, Celigo had no downtime, helping drive frictionless post-purchase shopper experiences and maintaining low customer operating costs. Automated business processes for management of omnichannel orders, inventory, fulfillment, returns, and customer services stayed at full functionality despite record-high order volume, driving client trust and end-user satisfaction. Complete uptime during BFCM is also a testimony to the scalability and robustness of the Celigo platform.

“During times of above average sales like Black Friday/Cyber Monday, our order volume can be substantial,” said Jeremy Vandenberg, MOTIS Brand’s IT and Information Analyst. “We critically depend on Celigo’s uptime to keep us connected to marketplaces and our websites, especially when internet traffic is high. We experienced no downtime or issues with during the busy holiday rush and have strong confidence in the platform for MOTIS Brands.”

Celigo saw significant international sales

The Celigo platform is seeing greater adoption outside of North America. Approximately 8% of BFCM online orders were processed in EMEA, and 6.5% came through the APAC market. This increase also highlights the expansion of BFCM shopping into wider global markets, which presents a growth opportunity for sellers and their use of the Celigo platform.

Celigo is estimated to have supported ~5% of all Shopify orders

Shopify is one of the world’s most-used ecommerce platforms and processed $9.3B worth of orders during the BFCM period – a record high. Celigo’s pre-built Shopify integrations managed an estimated 4.8% of the orders placed through Shopify.

Get a jump start on planning next year’s Black Friday-Cyber Monday period by learning more about how Celigo can support high ecommerce transaction volumes through operational excellence. Try Celigo for free today.