Published May 2, 2024

Boosting Salesforce ROI: Key takeaways from Salesforce World Tour NY 2024


Celigo employees post with the Salesforce mascots at Salesforce World Tour NY 2024

3 key takeaways

  • Using Salesforce without integration can lead to slow, manual processes.
  • Integrate Salesforce with your tech stack to boost ROI and maximize efficiency.
  • Leverage iPaaS to automate business processes like lead-to-cash/quote-to-cash.

As summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to adopt innovative new solutions that help you improve customer relationships and avoid the seasonal sales lull. That’s why we joined leaders and innovators at the Salesforce World Tour NY 2024 last week to showcase the power of the latest Salesforce integration solutions.

Imagine your business running like a finely tuned machine–every team and system operating perfectly in sync. With an advanced iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service), you can make this vision a reality.

By integrating your Salesforce tools with the rest of your tech stack, you can automatically sync data between systems and drive business process automation. This allows you to enhance operational efficiency and transform key processes, such as quote-to-cash.

Whether you explored the capabilities of Celigo’s advanced iPaaS at our booth or couldn’t attend the event, dive deeper into integration best practices and success stories shared at the Salesforce World Tour NY 2024. Get ready to learn how to maximize the efficiency of your business.

Boosting ROI with iPaaS

Enter Celigo’s iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service). Our innovative integration solution helps you connect your applications with Salesforce all on a single AI-enabled platform.

Our focus at Salesforce World Tour NY 2024 was on introducing this pivotal tool to business leaders. We highlighted our user-friendly interface and AI features that bridge the knowledge gap between technical and non-technical users to empower business teams to build, manage, and monitor their own integrations. This capability allows teams to rapidly adopt cutting-edge technologies that improve customer experiences without waiting for IT to complete your integrations.

Celigo’s iPaaS also provides prebuilt templates that reduce time and effort needed for integration development and management. Embedded with best practices for automating business processes built around Salesforce, these templates can help you streamline your lead-to-cash/quote-to-cash process for accelerated time-to-close.

After implementing Celigo’s iPaaS, WeTransfer was able to easily integrate Salesforce with their ERP and automate their quote-to-cash process. The team was also able to reduce manual data entry and shift the focus of their teams from tedious tasks to strategic initiatives.

Getting started

To successfully integrate your Salesforce applications with the rest of your tech stack and automate your key processes, follow these four steps:

  1. Identify your needs: Determine the data flows between Salesforce and your other systems. This will help you map out your integrations and identify your priorities.
  2. Choose your apps: Select the business systems you wish to integrate with Salesforce. Consider a phased approach to continually improve your capabilities without going too big, too fast.
  3. Set up the integration: Utilize Celigo to connect Salesforce with your chosen apps–guiding you through each phase.
  4. Test and tweak: Ensure everything operates smoothly and make adjustments as required.

The 2024 Salesforce World Tour provided the perfect stage to highlight the transformative power of Celigo’s iPaaS. Explore our Salesforce B2B Commerce connector, and its capabilities in this blog.

If you’re ready to start integrating Salesforce with the rest of your tech stack, reach out to our integration experts today for a personalized demo.