Published May 8, 2024

BrandMuscle’s journey: Revolutionizing operations through iPaaS



3 key takeaways

  • BrandMuscle’s old systems weren’t able to keep up with modern demands.
  • To streamline operations, they adopted new apps and integrated their tech stack.
  • Automate processes to prevent errors, refocus resources, and gain usable data.

You wouldn’t build your house on a shaky foundation. The same is true for your business. A fragile operational infrastructure can collapse as data volumes increase–hindering your growth and costing you key customers.

To effectively scale your business, you need systems and processes that are ready to grow with you. Integrating your tech stack with an iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) enables you to build the scalable and agile infrastructure required to stay ahead of the competition.

BrandMuscle, a business that provides marketing services to insurance and financial companies, set out to build that level of scalability into their operations in 2018. With processes running on 2003 technology, the company was at a breaking point. Discover how BrandMuscle leveraged Celigo’s iPaaS to revolutionize their business.


Hear from BrandMuscle VP of Corporate Solutions Brian Kuntz on the impact of Celigo.

Transitioning to modern tech

BrandMuscle serves over 300 of the world’s top brands and generates hundreds of millions in revenue per year, but their old on-premise solutions weren’t able to keep up with modern demands.

To ensure their operations continued running, BrandMuscle had an employee working up to 70 hours per week monitoring their processes. One particular process required the same information to be manually rekeyed up to 12 different times.

Based on the operational inefficiencies they were facing, the team decided to transition to cloud-based applications. They started by implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

Connecting their ERP with their integrated local marketing platform, BrandBuilder, and other applications, proved challenging due to the complex nature of the team’s processes. They would need a customized solution to achieve their goals.

Preparing for growth with iPaaS

The team decided to implement Celigo’s iPaaS to holistically connect and automate their custom processes. By integrating their ERP with the rest of their tech stack, they were able to automatically sync data between systems to generate invoices, payments, and more.

Celigo’s user-friendly interface allowed Randy Elkins, chief financial officer at BrandMuscle, to complete the integrations himself, “Any business analyst could very easily use it,” Elkins said.

After adopting new cloud applications and connecting them, BrandMuscle was able to streamline processes and run tens of millions of transactions through the system. Within a month of implementation, the team saw their average 50 entry-related errors drop to a single error.

The team was also able to shift resources to focus on strategic initiatives instead of tedious manual tasks–resulting in two full time resources being reallocated to other teams.


“We basically cut down everybody’s workload in half. Our resources are now focused on advancing the product that we offer rather than fixing it. It’s a nice reprieve for our developers to work on the product rather than building scripts to integrate two pieces of software. Everyone’s happy with it.”

– Brian Kuntz, VP of Corporate Solutions at BrandMuscle

3 tips for success

BrandMuscle now runs 40 business processes through Celigo. This has allowed the organization to continue to grow and scale.

As you look to shore up your operational infrastructure consider these key takeaways from BrandMuscle’s success:

  • Eliminate errors: Operational errors can cause delays, leading to poor customer experiences. Enhance accuracy by automatically syncing data between systems and eliminating errors caused by manual data entry.
  • Maximize your resources: When looking at the cost of automating your business processes, it’s important to consider the time and resources wasted on tedious manual tasks. Prioritize automating your most expensive and time intensive processes first to refocus your teams on initiatives that drive your business forward.
  • Obtain reliable business data: Siloed data stuck in disparate systems causes a lack of visibility across teams. This leaves leaders without accurate insights to base their decisions on. Sync data from all your systems to a single location to gain a comprehensive view and act on customer trends.

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