Published May 31, 2023

Catalyst Achieves Platinum Status, Looks to Extend Automation Capabilities with Celigo



REDWOOD CITY, CA, May 31, 2023: Celigo, a leading enterprise-wide integration platform as a service (iPaaS) company, has recognized Catalyst, a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution partner in the UK, as a Platinum Partner. Catalyst’s recognition was based on their understanding of the markets in which they operate and their ability to identify and implement integration and automation projects.

After several projects integrating Celigo with a leading cloud ERP, Catalyst was so impressed with the Celigo solution that they expanded the use of Celigo across projects with other ERPs. Catalyst has been able to provide value to customers almost immediately, due to the fact that Celigo’s iPaaS allows both business users and IT teams to implement integrations. That flexibility enables customers to choose best-of-breed applications and connect them seamlessly, whether they have a large IT team or not.

By attaining Platinum status, Catalyst gains access to an expanded suite of Celigo resources, which include (but are not limited to) implementation assistance, dedicated marketing support and additional visibility through the Celigo channels. This enables Catalyst to further advance its automation and integration capabilities while honing its strategic focus on delivering tailored solutions to its customers. In doing so, Catalyst will be better equipped to help customers integrate a wide scale of best-of-breed solutions that are most suited to their unique needs.

As a growing business, Catalyst is particularly focused on its enterprise-wide automation and integration capabilities that help customers operate more efficiently, reduce costs & human error, and quickly scale operations.

Gert-Jan Wijman, VP of EMEA at Celigo says:
“The needs of our European market are complex, so our partners must have an automation-first mindset and think of integration as a core component of the business rather than an add-on solution.

As automation becomes an increasingly important part of modern business processes, customers and partners are looking for solutions to scale their operations and meet the growing demand of their customers. Catalyst has embodied this mindset and approach, and Celigo is proud to support the company on its journey towards full business automation.”

Quote from Mark Godliman, MD for Catalyst ERP
“Our customers see the world of operational technology around them accelerate at a higher pace every day. Not only choosing the right best-of-breed applications to support their business but making sure they are connected in the right and meaningful way is no easy feat.

By partnering with Celigo, we enable our customers to select whichever software best fits their operations and connect that software seamlessly across the business. This allows our clients to scale operations quickly and adjust to changing market conditions without ripping and replacing entire solutions.

We’re looking forward to building out our automation solutions with Celigo to help more clients across Europe realise the benefits of automation.”

Freddie Miller, GTSE (Catalyst and Celigo customer) remarked:
“With Catalyst’s guidance, we were able to quickly implement our Celigo integrations and immediately see results. Our teams have been freed to focus on growth, scale and efficiency instead of manual processes and spreadsheets.

We have much better oversight of our operations and are now looking at expanding into data warehousing, new websites, BI reporting dashboards, and considering acquisitions of other players in the market that can bolt on to our existing Celigo network.

Catalyst and Celigo have given us the structure we need to grow our business, expand into new markets, and continue to gain efficiencies in our operations.”

Read more about how GTSE is seeing benefits working with Celigo and Catalyst in their customer success story.

To learn more about how Celigo and Catalyst are helping customers automate their enterprise, please join a webinar on June 13th.



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