Published Sep 6, 2023

Celigo launches AI data flow solutions and AI generative process automation

Visionary Approach to Artificial Intelligence Enables Organizations to Reduce Manual Integration Tasks, Conserve Thousands of Technical Resource Hours and Deliver Enhanced Customer Experience



San Mateo, Calif. – September 6, 2023 – Celigo, the leading integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for business and IT users, today announced the launch of Celigo AI, a revolutionary suite of embedded artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to enhance end-user efficiency, achieve higher levels of productivity and accelerate the time to value of enterprise integrations and automations. Celigo is the only iPaaS that leverages AI in run-time operations to automatically identify and resolve data and API errors, while offering an AI-guided flow builder to streamline the user journey and simultaneously bring the power of generative AI to business process automation, all in a single platform.

“We have been deliberate in our approach to embedding AI deeply within the Celigo platform, and we are utilizing these capabilities to provide enterprises with an integration and automation solution that reduces barriers to adoption and delivers maximum value to their business at the lowest possible cost of ownership,” said Jan Arendtsz, founder and CEO at Celigo. “Our organizational commitment to AI began in earnest in 2019, and since then we have been putting its functionality to work in support of our customers and partners. We will continue to innovate our use of advanced AI and machine learning to create exceptional experiences for modern enterprises.” 

The suite of embedded AI functionalities within the Celigo integration platform include:

  • AI Error Management – Researching and resolving errors drives up the cost of ownership for any integration platform and consumes valuable IT resources. Celigo AI Error Management categorizes errors from any API and utilizes auto-recovery policies to take action based on error category, as well as automatically resolves historical errors once it has detected the original error condition is no longer present. This model is unique to Celigo and automatically resolves 95% of 500 million integration flow errors each month, which optimizes run-time management, allows Celigo customers to collectively reclaim an average of 52,000 hours per week, and eliminates the need for experienced developers to manually manage API and data errors.
  • OpenAI Connector –Customers can harness the power of generative AI and reimagine their business process automations using Celigo’s prebuilt connectivity to OpenAI. This capability creates a competitive advantage for platform users by incorporating OpenAI into an integration flow, delivering an unprecedented level of intelligence that encourages innovation. For instance, end users can take data from multiple sources and push it to OpenAI to train a custom GPT bot, generate images or summarize information as a step in any flow.
  • AI Assistance – Celigo is accelerating time to value for developers and business technologists by embedding AI-guidance throughout to bridge knowledge gaps and provide expert help via an answerbot which has been trained using millions of successful integrations and our extensive knowledge base. This lowers the barrier to adoption because more users can build new automations with the assurance of using proven best practices.

Celigo’s visionary approach to embedding advanced AI deep within its platform allows the company to provide users with a solution that anticipates their needs and empowers them with the necessary tools to unlock the true potential of integration. The company will continue to drive AI innovation in iPaaS with future releases in coming months. For more information about Celigo AI, please visit the Celigo website.

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