Published Apr 2, 2024

Celigo ranked #1 iPaaS by G2



3 key takeaways

  • Celigo has been officially ranked as the #1 iPaaS on G2.
  • Celigo’s iPaaS stood out amongst 236 solutions.
  • Customers praise ease of use, prebuilt connectors, and multi-tenant architecture.

Our customers have done it again. Out of 236 iPaaS solutions listed, Celigo has been officially ranked as the #1 iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) on G2, the leading peer-to-peer review site. In the 462 reviews we received, customers praised our ease of use, real-time integration capabilities, prebuilt connectors, and robust multi-tenant architecture.

This ranking is based on comprehensive user feedback and underscores our position as a leader in the iPaaS space. Our mission has always been centered around our customers, and we’re dedicated to helping them successfully integrate, automate, and optimize all their processes.

Discover why we’re the preferred integration platform for businesses worldwide.

See how Celigo stacks up against other solutions in the G2 grid for iPaaS.

“iPaaS for all”

As one customer put it, “From the ease of use with their prebuilt connectors to the unlimited possibilities that can be found with custom flows, Celigo is the leader for any business wanting to integrate their tech stack.”

Designed with simplicity, flexibility, and scalability in mind, the Celigo platform empowers both technical and non-technical business users to drive integration and automation efforts. Our intuitive interface and comprehensive library of prebuilt connectors for popular cloud applications enables business teams to configure, customize, and manage integrations without the need for coding. With embedded logic, you can rest assured they are secure and compliant.

The Celigo platform also has robust developer capabilities so your team can create and manage complex flows and propel digital transformation.

Celigo was top rated in each of the categories above. 

“Making businesses more efficient, one flow at a time”

We’ve helped hundreds of customers automate their business processes end-to-end–saving them time and money. This effort can span teams and dozens of tasks. That’s why our iPaaS is built with scalability in mind, and there’s no practical limitations on the number of concurrent integrations running or data volume you can use.

The ability to drive operational efficiency was highlighted by our customers, “Using Celigo, we can connect multiple applications or systems and manage their integrations from a single centralized platform. This flexibility is invaluable to us and will be for businesses that rely on several applications, as it streamlines workflows, reduces complexity, and ensures data consistency across the entire organization.”

Our unwavering dedication to the success of our customers’ integration efforts has earned us the title of Customers’ Choice in the 2023 Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customer for Integration Platform as a Service–with a 94% Willingness to Recommend score.

Discover how Celigo’s game-changing iPaaS helped the CDC revolutionize their operations.


Hear from CDC Foundation Director of Information Technology Malcom James on the impact of Celigo.

“Excellent iPaas tool, even better results and support”

Customer experience is a top priority for us, and we consistently exceed our customers expectations. While we strive to create a platform that’s intuitive and easy-to-use, we know that integrating your tech stack can be complex. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing the support you need to solve your integration challenges.

Our customers continually call out our support as a defining factor. For one customer, Celigo’s support put us above the rest, “Customer support is truly world-class. Unfortunately this is rare in business today. The Celigo team has so many ways to seek help–whether by chat (which they answer quickly), email support (which they answer quickly), or the free office hours (the team is awesome and so helpful).”

Our dedication to satisfy our customers is also reflected in our high adoption rates and exceptional experiences that set the standard in the iPaaS industry.

Customers ranked Celigo highly in categories like support, ease of use, and prebuilt connectors.

“Celigo: Unlimited possibilities”

While we’re thrilled that our efforts to build a platform that helps our customers modernize their operations have paid off, we aren’t stopping there. We are constantly improving our platform to enhance experiences and boost ROI.

This continued push to reach our vision led one customer to characterize Celigo as “an ahead-of-the-times platform.” We believe our innovative approach contributed to our recognition as a Visionary in the 2024 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integration Platform as a Service. Celigo is driving the future of automation.

We are investing in AI and continuing to build out our capabilities. With a focus on enhancing the building experience, bridging the gap between technical and non-technical users, and error management, we’re transforming AI into an intuitive partner for your teams.

By leveraging AI, we’re able to automatically solve 95% of errors, but we’re pushing it even further. We are working on building self-healing integrations–where our platform not only fixes errors as they happen, but also anticipates and prevents them before they occur.

At Celigo, we go beyond being an iPaaS provider. We’re your partner in innovation, success, and growth. Our accolades not only affirm our leadership, but showcase our commitment to advancing automation technology and supporting our customers.

Check out the full G2 report, and to see for yourself how Celigo’s iPaaS can revolutionize your business, start a free trial today.