Customer Success Story

Celigo Helps Deloitte Take Atlantia’s ERP Transformation to the Finish Line

“Deloitte recommended Celigo to us. Celigo came in the late stages of our NetSuite implementation process and had everything we needed. It was a perfect experience!”

Kelly Johnston

VP of Finance,

Atlantia Holdings


Ecommerce, NetSuite


North Vancouver, BC


Atlantia Holdings, founded in 2002, is a Canadian wholesale manufacturer and distributor of digital accessories. Atlantia operates multiple digital storefronts with Shopify to manage different types of orders to serve its trading partners holistically.

About Deloitte

Deloitte provides industry-leading audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services to many of the world’s most admired brands, including nearly 90% of the Fortune 500® and more than 5,000 private and middle-market companies. Now celebrating 175 years of service, Deloitte’s network of member firms spans more than 150 countries and territories.


Atlantia decided to replace their legacy ERP system because it crashed often, didn’t always bring in orders from their multiple websites, and didn’t have API connectivity capabilities. They needed an ERP system for its ability to integrate with EDI, multiple web stores, and iQmetrix and chose NetSuite as their source of truth. Atlantia partnered with Deloitte to lead a digital transformation for the business, implementing NetSuite and re-instituting a unified integration model across Atlantia’s core systems.

The challenge

Atlantia began the project with an unfamiliar integration provider to connect their Shopify webstore with NetSuite. They quickly realized their product information was incorrectly syncing between systems. “It was evident right from the beginning they couldn’t provide what we needed,” Kelly Johnston, Atlantia’s VP of Finance, said.
For Atlantia, NetSuite was primarily chosen for its track record with integrated business systems. It was critical orders from multiple storefronts synchronize properly as the main implementation requirement. With an upcoming go-live deadline, Atlantia selected Deloitte as their partner for their extensive implementation and integration expertise who they tasked with quickly implementing a reliable iPaaS solution for the business.

The solution

Deloitte and Atlantia jointly evaluated multiple integration provider options. The ultimate decision came down to the completeness of its solution and expertise with integrating NetSuite. Once Atlantia had selected Celigo, the Deloitte team immediately began integrating Shopify and iQmetrix with NetSuite. Step 1 was integrating Atlantia’s various storefronts running on Shopify; they leveraged Celigo’s pre-built Shopify-NetSuite Integration App, which solved every Atlantia use case out of the box. For the iQmetrixNetSuite integration, Deloitte rapidly developed custom integration flows with Celigo’s iPaaS platform.

Despite Celigo coming late to Deloitte’s NetSuite project, the implementation was so efficient and smooth that it bolstered time-to-value. “Every step of the way, Celigo was always helping us out,” Kelly said. “They were always available for any questions.” Deloitte completed Atlantia’s Digital Transformation on schedule and pushed it live before Atlantia hit their annual peak order period.

Without a permanent IT team, Atlantia leverages Celigo to maintain their integrations. On a day-to-day basis, a member of their marketing team checks for errors to ensure everything runs smoothly. “If I notice an error, I fix it myself,” Kelly said. Being able to maintain integrations inhouse rather than contracting out technical work substantially increased the return on investment Atlanta derived from Celigo. This allowed Kelly to maintain focus on mission-critical initiatives for the entire company

Bottom line

Pairing Deloitte and Celigo, Atlantia was able to quickly orchestrate a fast path to implementation and integration success across their digital transformation. Today, orders come in from Atlantia’s multiple storefronts and are centrally managed within the value chain, saving time and increasing efficiency. Kelly is now able to focus attention on reaching departmental goals, without having to worry about having time to close the books at the end of the quarter.
“Celigo had everything we needed,” said Johnston. “They are dependable, orders are coming through accurately, and it just works. It was a perfect experience.”

Celigo’s platform is robust and proven in the market. The intuitive nature of combined with the library of Celigo’s prebuilt connectors help us increase our delivery speed while maintaining quality. Celigo helped us go live on time.

Paul Buck,