Customer Success Story

Curran Consolidates Acumatica Integrations And Sets The Foundation For Business Process Automation At Scale With Celigo

“We get excited about new ways to connect our separate, isolated departments and their tools. With Celigo, everything funnels back into the Acumatica ERP core. Once we got in and saw how Celigo worked, it opened up opportunities to solve problems for ourselves with marketing and sales pipeline – giving us better insights into our customer data.”

Peter Bonoff

Operations Manager,



Ecommerce/Retail/Home Furnishing


Seattle, WA


Curran is a family-owned online luxury retailer with 30 years of experience curating quality flooring and European home furnishings. Focused on design-oriented consumers and hospitality industries, Curran sells a curated selection of high-end European-inspired indoor and outdoor furniture and flooring.

Their goal is to provide premium customer service and support from product selection to installation.


Curran is a residential and commercial retailer with international distribution. Curran specializes in natural and synthetic carpets and provides high-design furniture and flooring. The Curran team consists of 26 employees and two developers.

Their customized website is modern and elegant two customized sections for esidential furniture and flooring. With this highly customized website, ERP integrations were time-consuming, real-time insight into inventory was challenging and created data silos

The challenge

As the Manager of Operations, Peter Bonoff found many manual processes exhausted time from every team member.

Curran’s website needed a custom API to connect to their ERP system (Acumatica). Integrating with Acumatica ERP has always been the responsibility of the developer. With only one developer on staff, the website and ERP manual integration tasks took time away from further developing the website and focusing on the customer experience.

The team at Curran had ongoing challenges with real-time inventory visibility. Curran’s accountant, Loni Dockter, needed to maintain stock in two different databases. Maintaining inventory in multiple systems created numerous problems and data silos; the product stock on the website did not always match item descriptions, product photos, and the data in the ERP. This lack of insight combined with manual processes caused weekly sync issues on the back end, which led to inaccurate orders and a poor customer experience. As a result, many times Curran was required to provide order discounts, negatively impacting their company’s bottom line.

“We were underperforming on shipping and tracking information,” Dockter states.

Another problem was the variety of SKUs needed for Curran’s inventory. Because of their customized commercial offerings, Curran sells a collection of tile and carpet swatches. With such a diverse selection of luxury furnishings, Curran struggled with maintaining over fifty thousand unique SKUs associated with customized order placements.

That is when the Curran team found Celigo.

The solution

A representative from PC Bennett recommended Celigo integrations, based on Celigo’s flexible and stable Acumatica connectors. Once the Curran team connected their website and ERP, they explored Celigo’s other connection possibilities to address more of their integration needs.

The marketing team with Curran was not getting the data needed for effective Google ad spend. Also, Google ad maintenance was a manual process that needed to be done daily, weekly, and monthly. The Curran team connected Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to improve their Google data insights and Google advertising.

“Once we connected our main Google ads, we noticed we could bring in Acumatica data with Google Ad costs and sales,” said Dockter.

“Now, all of this is automated with Celigo; we even connected our targeted Facebook ads. This has been tremendous for our team. We are pivoting and able to spend more in the right areas now, which we could not do before, and Celigo was the main driver of that change.”

Curran’s HR and sales departments also benefit from Celigo’s business process automation.

Bottom line

Curran has found that integrating and automating their ordering and shipping systems has improved inventory management, order debugging, and shipping precision. All product item attributes are now maintained in parallel.

The need for manual tasks surrounding this process has been eliminated, saving hours of valuable time. This has opened up more time that can be spent on customer service and enhancing their website presence (for an overall better customer experience).

The improvements in customer data insights through integration of their Acumatica ERP and Google advertising and reporting tools, helped reduce costs by gaining further intelligence to optimize ad spend to reach potential customers.

In addition, Curran plans to expand their current integrations to also include their email and sales systems (CMS and Mailgun).

“We have many future software products that we’re hoping to bring on board, and Celigo will be what connects the whole system together, says Dockter.

Celigo gives us business users the power to create our own integrations. This provides our developer team more time to focus on enhancing our website and the customer experience.

Peter Bonoff,


Operations Manager,