Customer Success Story

Nuzest Uses Celigo To Automate Order To Cash and 3PL Processes To Optimize Efficiencies, Enhance Customer Experience and Maximize Profits

“As a distributor our margins are razor thin and therefore any software license must absolutely help to manage costs and increase efficiencies and that’s exactly the benefit we’ve received from Celigo’s iPaaS platform and connectors.”

Braden David

Head of Company,

Nuzest Europe




London, England



Nuzest Life provides all-natural, plant-based nutritional supplements. Scientifically researched and formulated in Australia, Nuzest was founded in 2005 and distributes its products worldwide.


Nuzest Life has manufacturing facilities in Europe, Australia and the US. They sell their products through distributors and each distributor is responsible for the sales and fulfillment of products to end customers.

In Europe, the distributor chose to use Netsuite as it’s ERP system. The distributor paired up with an IT Integrator GoLive Experts to integrate with their 3PL and ecommerce websites like Amazon, eBay and Shopify. Being able to scale the business and provide Nuzest products to all European countries with a minimal number of employees was the goal.

After achieving their initial goals, the Nuzest distributor in Europe is now exploring with the Nuzest Life Pty parent the ability to take over the raw material sourcing and manufacturing processes of the Nuzest product line in Europe. If this happens, there will be other opportunities and automated integrations needed.

The challenge

Since the European distributor for Nuzest Life products has such razor thin margins, determining how to gain economies of scale to grow and be successful was paramount to the business. The distributor’s head of the company, Bradon David, had extensive experience in this business and immediately purchased Netsuite to manage their ERP system and their first challenge was integrating and automating their 3PL fulfillment systems.

The other challenge for the distributor, given Europe’s multi-country requirements like multi-language, multi-currency, multi-tax plus their minimal workforce, was connecting and automating the various ecommerce websites with Netsuite to properly handle the order to cash activities. These included eBay, Amazon, Shopify, and other local ecommerce channels like Allegro in Poland. If they couldn’t properly address this it would negatively impact the distributor’s profitability and hamper their ability to grow the business.

“Finding and solving the integration and automation of both fulfillment and order to cash systems was a must have,” said Braedon. “There was no well maybe we can do without those.”

The distributor started out the 3PL/fulfillment integration using a prebuilt point-to-point connector. But Braedon and his very small team realized fairly soon after using it that it was a bit “clunky and not really enterprise-grade”. Also, the solution wasn’t very easy to use or flexible which the team knew would be a problem as there were other integrations needed beyond 3PL.

“I had no IT, no engineering and no system people on the team,” says Braedon. “So we needed a solution that was dead simple, easy-to-use and had robust exception reporting when it comes to managing and monitoring these integrations.”

The solution

Nuzest was introduced to Celigo through their IT systems integration company, GoLive Experts. They suggested using Celigo’s iPaaS platform and connectors for quick and effective 3PL automations.

Given the tight deadline, GoLive was able to work quickly using Celigo to develop, test and automate the first 3PL custom integration flow using an SFTP connection between the systems.

Next, they utilized the Amazon to Netsuite integration to automate orders, customer information, fulfillment, and pricing. The Amazon to Netsuite integration also helped keep their inventory levels in sync.

“Celigo’s out-of-the-box integrations were an absolute dream for us when integrating Amazon to Netsuite”, says Jillian Parker, Managing Director, GoLive Experts. “The standard flows have 110% satisfied our requirements.”

Bottom line

Celigo has played a key part in helping Nuzest Europe both grow and scale their business and they are on a trajectory to surpass £37M in revenue by 2023.
“We have plans this year to complete our second 3PL integration as well as automating our order to cash from eBay, Shopify and other local ecommerce marketplaces with Netsuite,” says Braedon.

Celigo greatly improved Nuzest’s customer experience from sales order to fulfillment and has made it possible for the business to have accurate inventory levels and data across all the ecommerce channels that their products are sold through. It’s helped them be more accurate with order processing and more efficient at bringing cash flow back into the business quicker and without manual intervention.

The distributor along with GoLive Experts plans to look at other areas of the business that can benefit from integration automation, like returns management for example.

“Having reaped the rewards in seeing Celigo in action now affords us the ability to consider taking on the sourcing of raw materials and manufacturing process here in Europe,” says Braedon with enthusiasm “we know we’ll be able to integrate and automate this into Netsuite as well.”

Celigo’s out-of-the-box integrations were an absolute dream for us”, says Jillian Parker, Managing Director, GoLive Experts. “Celigo is easy to work with, delivers excellent technical and customer support and provides an enterprise-grade iPaaS platform. As a result, we prefer using Celigo and recommend the Celigo iPaaS platform to our customers.

Jillian Parker,


Managing Director,


GoLive Experts