Customer Success Story

Ready Seal cuts down barriers to adopting Salesforce with the help of Celigo’s Integration Platform

“Once we decided we were going to use Salesforce, it was kind of a no-brainer to go with Celigo. The NetSuite and Salesforce people were telling us that Celigo is the best.”

Steve Burgess

IT Manager,

Ready Seal


Ready Seal Stain and Sealer for Wood


Lewisville, Texas


Ready Seal specializes in their wood stain and sealer product, selling to distributors, wholesalers, and hardware stores nationwide. They have recently begun expanding into Canada and the Carribean.


Ready Seal uses NetSuite to process orders from distributors and wholesalers. Their sales organization needed a better CRM to track leads and customers that they could access remotely from mobile devices, and found that NetSuite’s native CRM capabilities did not fit their needs. As a result, Ready Seal wanted to adopt Salesforce as their CRM service provider.

The challenge

Steve Burgess, Ready Seal’s IT Manager, recognized that using a CRM separate from their ERP systems would cause a gap in associating orders to emails and even limit data access within the organization. “We decided on Salesforce, but then we obviously had to figure out how to synchronize it,” said Steve. The sales organization needed Salesforce, but implementing it was contingent on being able to quickly and easily synchronize data with NetSuite.

The solution

Ready Seal reached out to their service providers for a recommendation on the easiest way to resolve this conundrum. Their first and only recommendation: Celigo. Not only is Celigo well-known and trusted by service providers to integrate their products, but there was also a pre-built Integration App that perfectly fit Steve’s requirements. With the Salesforce-NetSuite Integration App, Steve could integrate these two applications right out of the box without adding any logistical challenges.

Integrating Salesforce-NetSuite gave Ready Seal’s sales organization total visibility into their customers’ activity. “Once the order goes into NetSuite, Celigo takes over and synchronizes it back to Salesforce, so the sales reps have all the invoice information and everything else,” said Steve. This automated data exchange has greatly improved Ready Seal’s operational efficiency and internal cohesiveness.

Prior to working with Celigo’s Salesforce-NetSuite Integration App, Steve had never worked directly with integrations. This contributed to his positive experience with Integration Apps, because they are designed for all sorts of users besides just developers. “Celigo was pretty much straightforward. It works well, and we never have an issue with the software,” Steve remarked. On top of a hassle-free integration, Steve also noted that he only spent an hour a week on maintenance, mostly just checking in to make sure there are no issues.

Bottom line

Although adopting a new application can be an exciting time for a business, it can also come with its own logistical challenges. Integration can solve these problems, especially if it has already been built and works right out of the box.

With Celigo’s Salesforce-NetSuite Integration App, Ready Seal’s adoption of Salesforce could not have gone smoother. From implementation to maintenance to everyday work, the Integration App seamlessly syncs information between new & legacy applications, enhances communication and visibility, and works as intended without issue. It is no wonder that Celigo came highly recommended by service providers: Steve could not have been happier with how his Salesforce implementation went, thanks to Celigo’s Integration App.

Salesforce and the Celigo Integration App has made it a lot easier for the team to look up information, where they’re not always having to call someone else in the office.’ They’re able to do a lot more on their own. That’s saved them time and helped us a lot with communication.

Steve Burgess,


IT Manager,


Ready Seal