Customer Success Story

Sikich boosts client performance and achieves long-term objectives with Celigo’s AI error management

“Celigo offers a collaborative and enjoyable experience, even for non-technical users. It is easy to troubleshoot errors and hand off integrations to other team members.”

Sarah Donovan

Integration Developer,



Professional Services


Naperville, Illinois


Sikich LLP is a global firm that specializes in providing technology-driven professional services. From accounting, audit, and tax consulting to technology implementation and business advisory services, Sikich leverages technology solutions to develop and implement visionary digital strategies for their clients.

As one of the largest CPA firms in the United States (and a valued Celigo integration partner), Sikich serves a variety of clientele (including corporations, non-profit organizations, state and local governments, and federal agencies).

The partnership between Sikich and Celigo is closely aligned to offer clients a comprehensive integration solution. Sikich, working as an extension of the Celigo team, assists in deploying the Celigo Integration platform. They provide project oversight to ensure successful implementation and offer ongoing support services in collaboration with Celigo’s experts as required.

Rapidly growing with five new acquisitions, Sikich is expanding its footprint in key strategic markets and new global geographies.

The challenge

Sarah Donovan, an integration developer at Sikich, has worked with various iPaaS solutions, including Boomi and custom integration tools. Sarah sat down with Celigo to share experiences with clients using different integration platforms. She addressed several challenges her team faced daily.

With most integration solutions, Sarah found a high dependency was placed on IT teams. They were responsible for the ownership of all integrations for end-users, including the build of integration flows and all error handling.

“Boomi was built on the philosophy that it is a centralized tool for IT. The error-handling was no different – it required a high degree of technical expertise.”

She noticed many integration platforms had complicated error messaging and were not intuitive. This forces end-users to rely more on technical teams. For example, one application’s error handling automatically deletes error logs without notice. Errors were being deleted in less than a 24-hour period, which caused confusion (for end-users and technical teams) when trying to troubleshoot.

Additionally, she found that Boomi clients were often charged for specific add-on features to assist with error management.

“With Boomi, we had to manually configure error handling for each integration and even pay extra for certain functionalities.”

Celigo has helped us grow our business 10x over the last five years by letting us concentrate our core competencies. They’ve allowed regular business users to automate and manage the different tasks, while still giving the IT and technical users the ability to automate the more advanced processes for the people who are more comfortable doing that.

Jeff Hill,


Director of Global Supply Chain,


Titan Brands


Sarah found that Celigo’s AI-driven error management features empower a broader range of users. In contrast with other integration platforms, Celigo utilizes machine learning and AI in error management, which assists in automatically responding to emerging error patterns with automated solutions.

“Celigo’s error management features empower users to handle errors themselves, reducing the need for constant technical support. Clients understand the nature of the error, and the resolution time is much faster. With Celigo, you can also see where errors happen on different steps. That is extremely valuable.”

Additionally, Sarah notes that her clients value Celigo’s user-intuitive interface and extensive connection options.

“Celigo offers a collaborative and enjoyable experience, even for non-technical users. It is easy to troubleshoot errors and hand off integrations to other team members.”

Throughout her career at Sikich, Sarah has led the development of integration flows for a diverse clientele. In multiple instances, the introduction of Celigo ignited innovation within the client’s team, empowering them to independently construct flows and capitalize on new ways of working.

“Once people start working with the Celigo platform and discover its capabilities, their creative thinking is ignited, inspiring them to explore and build further. The number of clients that started building their own integrations after such a short experience with Celigo, and the sophistication of their designs, is shocking to me. It’s been really fun.”

Sarah tracked a significant shift in operational dynamics across her client base that uses Celigo. The platform’s capacity for error handling became abundantly clear as non-technical business teams began independently tackling issues that once required Sikich’s intervention. This newfound autonomy had a domino effect, sparking a steep decline in reliance on technical resources while allowing these teams to refocus their energy on a more proactive and strategic approach to their daily operations and strategic, long-term goals.

The use cases Sarah is seeing represent a shift in how businesses approach integrations and error handling. The power of Celigo’s user-friendly, AI-driven platform has reduced dependencies on IT teams and freed up valuable resources.

Clients can now manage errors and build flows independently, taking charge of their digital transformation journey. This shift has revolutionized daily operations and paved the way for strategic growth and innovation. Celigo and Sikich’s partnership emphasizes their dedication to delivering transformative, technology-driven solutions.