Customer Success Story

Stellar One Accelerates Integration Deployments and Enhances Customer Experiences

“We wanted to provide a turnkey integration solution for our customers. Celigo provides this in a repeatable, easy, and streamlined way.”

Richard Sellar

CEO and Leadership Team Member,

Stellar One


Stellar One


ERP Implementation and Integration

Point-of-sale pricing (POS), field service management, accounts receivable management, and electronic data interchange (EDI) integration solutions


Lake Forest, California


Stellar One is a cloud ERP implementation, integration, and consulting leader that delivers scalable solutions for businesses of any size. For over a decade, Stellar One has supported many industries, including wholesale distribution, manufacturing, ecommerce, and retail, offering a seamless integration and process automation platform.

Stellar One simplifies a traditionally complicated, overwhelming, and cost-prohibitive process by applying the agile development methodology to ERP software implementations. Since every customer has different technologies and many do not have IT departments or developers, Stellar One’s value sits at the intersection of technology and business. They provide business guidance and technical implementations all in one bundle.


Founded in 2011 as an independent consultancy, Stellar One experienced exponential growth, quickly growing 30% year over year. Stellar One delivers a scalable, dynamic, and configurable solution as a provider of SAP Business ByDesign and SAP Business One cloud ERP integrations.

Businesses that need point-of-sale pricing (POS), field service management, accounts receivable management, and electronic data interchange (EDI) integration solutions turn to Stellar One for a frictionless customer experience.

As market trends and digital transformation requirements continue evolving, Stellar One partnered with the market-leading automation platform Celigo. The partnership enhances Stellar One’s offering so it can provide clients with scalable, repeatable integration-driven automation solutions.

The challenge

Stellar One faced multiple challenges with its current delivery model. They wanted to move away from being a services company and become a platform company. Managing client infrastructure and hardware was not adding the intended business value for their clients. Their ultimate goals are to solve business problems and drive revenue and growth for their customers by providing a seamless cloud platform with robust and scalable capabilities.

Many Stellar One customers work with various apps outside the SAP ecosystem. This can be challenging for mid-market and smaller businesses without IT teams and developers, as there is a lack of complementary functionality with the existing tools for SAP. Many clients have loosely coupled solutions, multiple applications, and APIs that need to be integrated and managed to scale but no dedicated IT resources. To effectively leverage their rapid-prototyping implementation methodology and immediately begin generating value and a return on their customers’ ERP investments, Stellar One needed configurations to be repeatable and reusable across customers.

Stellar One changed its business model to be a cloud-first platform and reseller of cloud solutions. They wanted to make it easier for customers to make technology decisions; to reduce friction associated with multiple contracts between ERP and hosting providers.

The solution

They began their approach with on-premise technology, an integration server in the cloud, and installed software to build integrations. However, this method was time-consuming and adversely impacted deployment speeds, workflows had limitations, and integrations were not repeatable.

With their expansion plans to increase revenue per employee by three times over the next eight years, they needed an ongoing process to create IP efficiencies. To achieve their growth objectives, they needed to attain repeatable subscription-based contracts. This goal was not achievable through hourly billing and transactional engagements.

Additionally, they needed to focus their resources on the continued development of their IP and proprietary platform, not managing hardware and infrastructure.

“Our dream state is to offer ERP capabilities through our website, where clients can start selecting options, and things are configured instantly. We wanted to bundle solutions, so you do not need to log in to different platforms and sign multiple contracts,” says Richard Sellar, Stellar One CEO and Leadership Team Member.

Stellar One’s goal became possible when they partnered with Celigo.

The key was finding a true cloud platform that gave them more time to focus on internal growth strategies, not managing infrastructure and servers. By partnering with Celigo, Stellar One immediately leveraged Celigo’s out-of-the-box workflows and could quickly recreate configurations that accelerated implementation processes.

Bottom line

The partnership between Celigo and Stellar One compliment the SAP platform, allowing business users to integrate any application into their SAP ERP. An easy-to-use, low-code workflow enables customers to easily expand into new apps, new use cases, and new business requirements. Once the initial implementation is set up, Stellar One clients can manage integrations without code, eliminating the dependency on technical resources. With the wealth of education and enablement tools Celigo offers, clients can manage and resolve errors independently, saving time and resources.

Celigo’s unified platform allows the Stellar One team to support multiple customers from one interface without logging into different platforms to work on different customer environments. They can now find alternative solutions to application add-ons and build integration strategies that enable customers to quickly move off their legacy technology. With this approach, Stellar One is breaking old technology paradigms, saving its customers time and money, and achieving its growth goals.

With Celigo’s partnership, Stellar One will continue developing business process automations roadmaps that are easily reusable across customers. With Celigo’s low code/no code platform, they can speed deployments and free up senior developers for higher-value initiatives.

Stellar One now focuses on internal IP developments and other strategic revenue-generating initiatives. For their strategic clients that are further into their automation maturity model, Stellar One offers automation architectural road mapping. For clients just beginning their automation journey, Stellar One is their guide at that intersection of technology and business strategy.

The speed of deployment and the customer experience are our top priorities. I don’t like telling customers they need additional tools, workflows, or capacity. Leveraging the work that Celigo has already done has been extremely valuable because we don’t have to recreate the wheel with every configuration.

Richard Sellar,


CEO and Leadership Team Member,


Stellar One