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Trilogy Covers Global Business With

“ has a wonderful interface which allows you to map from end to end. It’s fantastic. It just gives the user so much control without even having to go for tech support.”

Jeremy Leys

Technical Business Analyst,



Services, Ecommerce


Auckland Central, Auckland


Trilogy has an international reputation for producing award-winning high-performance natural skincare. Respected and endorsed by dermatologists, beauty editors, doctors, and celebrities. Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil has an international following. With over a decade of research, development and natural product innovation. Trilogy makes natural products that not only perform better, they are better – ethically, aesthetically and environmentally.


Jeremy Leys, Technical Business Analyst at Trilogy is part of a three person IT team that oversees Trilogy Skincare and Trilogy Natural Care. Trilogy is a multi-location organization based in Australia and New Zealand. The team primarily uses along with Shopify and Magento 2.

Trilogy’s multi-location business ships orders all over the globe on a daily basis. To keep up with the order volume, Trilogy integrated with McPhee, a 3PL provider, based in Melbourne. Leys describes their current process, “ We use an FTP Server which provides packing notifications and shipping confirmations. As soon as an item is shipped, we worked with Celigo to create a custom workflow to automatically generate an invoice.”

The challenge

For the e-commerce side of Trilogy, they do intercompany drop shipping. Trilogy has to comply with certain standards in terms of the way purchase orders and invoices are produced. Leys says, “The integration applications facilitated invoices in a really good way. Celigo has a page made inside NetSuite, called Celigo Shopify Auto Transactions. That’s made it really easy for our accounts team to consolidate and reconcile against payment gateways.”

Trilogy faced complex issues due to their international order volume and needed a way to automate and simplify their processes. “Celigo takes something that’s very complex and makes it easy,” says Leys. Trilogy has multiple sales a day across different channels that are shipped out to different countries. Leys shares, “This year alone, we’ve done over $12 million in sales in China.”

The solution

After consulting with Celigo and McPhee, the 3PL provider, Shopify and Magento 2 integration applications were configured to send order information from Shopify and Magento 2 to both NetSuite and the 3PL system upon customer checkout.

Order invoices are now automated and the data complies to Trilogy’s standards. Leys mentions, “Using Celigo’s integration applications have helped meet the standards of how purchase orders and invoices are produced.”

Bottom line

Trilogy has a number of integration initiatives in place. Australia has a similar trend to Black Friday and Cyber Monday that the U.S experiences. Leys shares “ Setting up our infrastructure with the necessary integrations has been integral in meeting sales peak volume during this time.”

Having efficient, automated processes – including an order-to-fulfillment process – is essential for scaling operations to hit growth targets. Trilogy has prepared their processes for the consistent year over year multi-million dollar sales and to seamlessly deliver during the peak seasons they experience.

I’ve had such a positive experience working with Celigo. It has been absolutely great. I have plans to do more projects with Celigo.

Jeremy Leys,


Technical Business Analyst,