Introducing the Integration Maturity Model

While today’s cloud-based apps are simple to use, easy to set up, and address every conceivable challenge, the best-of-breed strategy is not enough for growing software/SaaS companies. As each department adopts its own set of apps, the number of data silos across the organization grows, creating bottlenecks in business processes.

Integration needs to be a key component of any robust automation strategy, but depending on the pain being felt, what’s at stake, and where a company finds itself in its lifecycle, the specific approaches differ significantly.

In this eBook, we share our framework for understanding how companies can build integrations based on their stage of development.

Topics covered include:
  • Some of the challenges growing companies face during their lifecycle
  • The five stages of Celigo’s Integration Maturity Model
  • Key next steps for including integration in an automation strategy

Learn how to build integrations based on where Your Company fits in the Integration Maturity Model in this free guide.