Optimize Procure-to-Pay by Integrating Your Tech Stack

With the emergence of procure-to-pay (P2P) applications, accounting teams are now able to automate many upstream processes such as PO creation, expense report processing, vendor invoice vouchering, and many others. While strong workflow automation with ERP integrations offer great benefits, many organizations are not maximizing ROI since downstream P2P processes and applications are disjointed.

Download this eBook to learn ways to enhance automations across your P2P tech stack, including:
  • Examples of commonly-overlooked upstream and downstream relationships in P2P processes (e.g., vendor setups and 1099-MISC reporting)
  • How data alignment in P2P upstream applications reduce headaches in downstream processes
  • Leveraging integrations to auto-initiate transactions
  • The beauty of field validation in upstream P2P applications
  • More tips and best practices