The Definitive Guide to 3PL Automation: All Your Questions Answered by the Experts

While outsourcing your supply chain and logistics to a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider takes a heavy load off your business, this also introduces new logistical challenges that are often overlooked. After all, incorporating a new partner into your day-to-day business means adding new systems and processes that still need to function together cohesively. Automating inventory management, order fulfillment, inbound shipments, and further 3PL processes are essential to maximizing your investment in those services.

For this guide, we interviewed some of the leading names in eCommerce, fulfillments, and logistics to answer your most pressing questions about 3PL automation:
  • What are the typical challenges retailers face when working with a 3PL, and how can these pitfalls be avoided?
  • Which processes tend to be the most time-consuming?
  • When’s the right time for a business to start looking into automation?
  • What are the risks and opportunity costs of delaying automation?
  • How do you get on the path to start automating 3PL processes?
  • Can you share some real-world examples that show this advice actually works?