Celigo Subprocessors

Celigo, Inc. uses certain subprocessors to assist it in providing to its customers the Services as described in the Terms of Service or such other location as the Terms of Use may be posted from time to time (as applicable, the “Agreement”). Defined terms used herein shall have the same meaning as defined in the Agreement.

A subprocessor is a third party data processor engaged by Celigo who has or potentially will have access to, or process Customer Data (which may contain Personal Information). Celigo engages different types of subprocessors to perform various functions as explained below.


We use the below list of subprocessors to provide our cloud infrastructure environment and processing of our Customer’s GDPR content, or for support for product features: in our role as the subprocessor to the customer as the data controller. Note that Integrator.io customers with accounts in the US Data Center use US sub processors based in the same US AWS region for processed data; and Integrator.io customers with accounts in the EU Data Center use sub processors based in the same EU AWS region for processed data. Sub processors only in the US, only have metadata (details about the processing), not processed data.

Amazon Web Services USA/EU aws.amazon.com Cloud-based infrastructure
Confluent* USA/EU confluent.io Kafka and other services
Jira (Atlassian) USA atlassian.com/software/jira Ticketing system
Loggly (Solar Winds)** USA loggly.com System logging
LogRocket** USA logrocket.com System logging
MongoDB Atlas* USA/EU mongodb.com/cloud/atlas integrator.io database
Splunk* USA splunk.com System logging
Loren Data – ECGrid* USA ecgrid.com EDI processing only
Graviteesource, Inc.*** USA gravitee.io/ APIM support calls only

* Integrator.io only
** CloudExtend only
*** Integrator.io only and US Data Center based customers only, and L2 or L3 support calls only for the Celigo API Management service only

If you/your company would like to be notified of intended changes to this list then please fill out the form below to join our distribution list. Once subscribed in this manner you will receive notification of new Subprocessors before those Subprocessors are authorized to process Personal Data on Celigo’s behalf. Note that only active customers or users of Celigo products will be maintained for this notification.

Updated: April 8, 2024

Right to Object

A Controller (you, our Customer) has the right to reasonably object to Celigo’s use of a new Subprocessor by notifying Celigo at [email protected], in writing within ten business days of receiving the notice of intent to authorize via the mechanism specified above. This notification shall explain the reasonable grounds for objection (e.g., if the use of this Subprocessor would violate applicable laws or weaken protections for the applicable Personal Data). Celigo will make commercially reasonable efforts to resolve the objection by the Controller.