Reimagine automation with AI

With AI-driven error handling, design support, discoverability, and chat support capabilities, Celigo enables you to reimagine automation.


Simplify code creation with AI

Simplify code creation with AI by transforming language instructions into Javascript, handlebars expression, SQL queries, and filter rules.

  • Convert language instructions into Javascript, handlebars expression, SQL queries, and filter rules.
  • Celigo’s AI Code Assistant fills in the knowledge gaps, making it easy for anyone to build integrations.
  • Reduce manual mapping and improve data integration accuracy.
Celigo AI Code Assistance Feature

AI/ML Error Management

Resolve errors automatically

AI-powered error management combines machine learning, NLP, and automation to classify, analyze, and resolve errors efficiently.

  • Auto-resolve
    Automatically corrects hundreds of millions of errors per month (95% of all errors).
  • Error messages
    Identifies issues and offers clear, consistent error messages, even for APIs new to the platform.
  • Business user self-service
    Easy-to-understand error messages and error dashboards empower business teams to manage errors without IT support.


Accelerate your development process

AI-enabled search simplifies finding flow resources with plain language, streamlining navigation and selection for faster integration project setup.


Quickly find the flow resources you need in the Integration Marketplace with an AI-enabled search. It understands plain language, making your search easy and straightforward.

Celigo AI Search Feature


Hear from our customers

Discover why thousands of market leaders trust Celigo for their integration and automation needs.


cost reduction in implementation

case study

QDOBA Mexican Eats accelerates automation at half the cost by switching to Celigo

Celigo was a no-brainer for QDOBA. Dollar for dollar, you get more with the Celigo platform. And when you add the fact that it is easier to use, there’s more scalability for us with Celigo. It has allowed me to hand off some of the error-handling to the experts in each department. Instead of basically having IT do it for them for two years, they can go into the Celigo platform and fix it themselves.

Gary Burgess

Director, Infrastructure and Security

100x increase

in transactions processed between CRM and ERP

case study

CDC Foundation successfully manages a fivefold increase in transactions during the COVID pandemic with Celigo

Our business is very complex. It’s very rare that we can work with a partner who understands us and gives us an effective solution like Celigo. They’ve made us an automation-first company.

Malcolm James

Director of Information Technology


growth over the last five years with Celigo

case study

Titan Brands grows 10x over five years while automating processes across its entire operations with Celigo

Celigo has helped us grow our business 10x over the last five years by letting us concentrate our core competencies. They’ve allowed regular business users to automate and manage the different tasks, while still giving the IT and technical users the ability to automate the more advanced processes for the people who are more comfortable doing that.

Jeff Hill

Director of Global Supply Chain


endpoints integrated

case study

WeTransfer develops a scalable integration framework across the enterprise with Celigo

The change with Celigo was noticeable right away. For the sales team to have financial data after they asked for it for two years, and that it actually went comparatively easy, was a wake-up call for us. Everything that we promised to the users: it just worked. It was a huge success.

Katia Malashyna-de Jong

Financial Systems Director

96 hours/month

in manual processes saved

case study

Lumio automates AR processes and empowers business users with reduced IT dependency

I didn’t have to wait for some IT developer to make a change. I could make changes myself. So easy, even a financial controller can do it.

Matthew Morrill

Assistant Controller

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Learn what else Celigo can do

Want to explore more features of Celigo’s infinitely scalable, cloud native iPaaS platform? Let’s-dive in.

Resolve errors rapidly

Speaking of AI, Celigo error management combines machine learning and natural language processing to classify, analyze, and resolve errors at speed.

Take control of APIs

Modernize your policy enforcement, API documentation, and consumer onboarding practices with Celigo’s API Management solutions.