Behind the Scenes: How Classy Llama Slashed IT Support Tickets by 50%

Classy Llama is a full-service ecommerce agency that assists prominent brands like Adobe, American Leather, and X-chair with custom ecommerce solutions. From website builds to ecommerce support, security services, and digital marketing strategy, Classy Llama helps ecommerce companies build, grow, and optimize their operations.

Classy Llama’s IT operations experienced several challenges with onboarding employees and new clients. Fragmented systems and manual processes made onboarding new users and clients time-consuming, requiring hours of manual labor. This resulted in extensive delays, bottlenecks, and a highly inefficient and costly process.

Join Celigo and Rob Tull, the CIO of Classy Llama, to learn how integration-driven automation helped them reduce their onboarding process from hours to minutes, resulting in a 50% reduction of IT support tickets. Find out how this massive time saving has allowed Rob to refocus a significant portion of his time on operational strategy and client success.

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