Drive Revenue and Customer Loyalty with NetSuite and Shopify Plus Integration

Poor quality integrations and manual, error-prone processes between Shopify and NetSuite result in many operational inefficiencies. These inefficiencies will negatively impact post-checkout shopper experiences and cost your organization thousands of dollars annually.

As a leader in NetSuite integrations, we invite you to join the first webinar of our NetSuite Ecommerce Automations Series: Drive Revenue and Customer Loyalty with NetSuite and Shopify Plus Integration.

During our event, Celigo integration and automation experts will discuss strategies and best practices to drive revenue and customer loyalty with end-to-end business process automations between Shopify, NetSuite, 3PLs and third-party payment gateways such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, Braintree, etc.

You will learn:

  • Benefits of automated business processes for your organization and customers
  • How to automate critical processes between Shopify and NetSuite
  • How to automatically reconcile payouts from Shopify and third-party payment gateways
  • How to automatically fulfill your Shopify orders via 3PL

Meet your speakers

Ebru Saglam

Principal Product Marketing Manager


James Roth

Sr. Solutions Consultant


Meet Celigo

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