Driving Ecommerce Growth in 2023

Today’s ecommerce leaders face challenging circumstances: market uncertainty, higher-than-ever customer expectations, and an ever-evolving competitive landscape. To deliver true business value, ecommerce leaders must learn from last year’s trends to make an informed approach for the future. They must adopt an automation-first mindset across the business and leverage scalable, future-proof solutions.

You will learn:

  • how market-leading ecommerce companies solve today’s business problems
  • how to adopt an automation-first mindset for your ecommerce processes
  • the tools required to achieve business value within ecommerce

Meet your speakers

Mark Simon

VP Strategy


Rob Tull


Classy Llama

Meet Celigo

Celigo is the leading enterprise-grade integration platform that blends cutting-edge AI with technology, enabling organizations to discover, automate, and optimize every business process.