The ERP as a Connected Business Hub: How Winning Companies Build Their Tech Stack Around an ERP

High-growth companies have two things in common: they build their financials around an ERP, and automate critical business processes early to free up resources, run faster, and stay ahead of the competition. As organizations adopt dozens, if not hundreds of best-of-breed applications across departments, it is critical to ensure all of these applications have the right data at the right time and are seamlessly talking to a central ERP.

Celigo has helped thousands of ERP users build a seamless technology stack that is centered around their ERP for every business process imaginable.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How leading companies build their tech stack around the ERP
  • Key business processes between the ERP and other applications
  • The most common integration and automation use cases for users
  • Integration options available and pros/cons of each.
  • Typical automation priorities at different stages of a company’s maturity.
Mark Simon

Vice President of Strategy


Saran Sankar

Director Technology Center of Excellence


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