How to Achieve Ecommerce Operational Excellence with NetSuite and Celigo

Today’s ecommerce leaders are looking for new ways to increase profits, improve customer experiences, and achieve ecommerce excellence. Digital transformation is a key priority for these companies, and automation and integration is a key piece of that strategy.

Companies that chose NetSuite as their ERP need to implement the right integration and automation solutions to digitally transform their commerce operations and eliminate inefficiencies.

We invite you to join Celigo’s experts as they share their learnings for best practices and actionable insights on how to fully automate business processes and achieve ecommerce excellence in your organization. We reveal findings from working with thousands of NetSuite customers over the past decade.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of automating business processes for your organization and customers
  • How to choose the best integration solution for your business
  • How to expand business process automation further through a single platform
  • How to get a quick start with Celigo’s NetSuite Integration Apps

Meet your speakers

Ebru Saglam

Principal Product Marketing Manager


James Roth

Sr. Solutions Consultant


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