How to Improve Sales and Finance Efficiency by Integrating Salesforce & NetSuite

Smart companies know that sales and finance teams must work in lockstep to keep sales growing and streamline operations. Both teams rely on accurate, real-time data to excel at their jobs. However, more often than not, finance and sales teams are siloed, with limited access or visibility to the full data. While Salesforce is often the preferred solution for sales and NetSuite ERP is the preferred solution for finance, departments often have data that is different, not accurate, or not up-to-date. These data silos create havoc between departments, leading to delays in revenue recognition, increases in errors, and inaccurate financial reporting. Integrating NetSuite and Salesforce is critical to overcoming these risks.

Join Celigo automation experts and learn how Celigo has helped thousands of companies overcome the challenges of integrating their Salesforce and NetSuite environments. You will learn:

  • Best practices for integrating NetSuite and Salesforce
  • How Celigo’s Salesforce and NetSuite Integration Application works
  • How to apply a role-based perspective on integrations
  • The importance and benefits of automating your entire finance operation through other key integrations
  • Don’t miss the opportunity to further align your sales and finance teams through Celigo’s unique Salesforce-NetSuite Integration Application that rides on the industry-leading iPaaS.

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Mark Simon

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Chris McCarthy

Sr. Solution Consultant


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