Ins and Outs of Integrating Shopify and NetSuite

Shopify is one of the most popular Ecommerce platforms with wide adoption among NetSuite users. For organizations that utilize Shopify and NetSuite, it is important to scale operations for growth. Automation through integration helps with fast order fulfillment, refunds processing, maintaining healthy inventory levels, payouts reconciliation, accurate view of orders, and sales data for accounting and financial planning.

In this webinar, we share our expertise from working with thousands of NetSuite customers and discuss the following topics around automating Ecommerce business processes with Shopify and NetSuite integration:

  • Benefits of integrating Shopify and NetSuite
  • Common Shopify and NetSuite integration use-cases
  • Celigo’s Shopify – NetSuite Integration App
  • And more

Meet your speakers

Gert-Jan Wijman

Director Senior de EMEA


Adel Haider

Solutions Consultant


Meet Celigo

Celigo is the leading enterprise-grade integration platform that blends cutting-edge AI with technology, enabling organizations to discover, automate, and optimize every business process.