Integrate to Accelerate: How GetBusy optimizes operations and grows worldwide sales with Celigo

In this era of rapid digital transformation, integration plays a key role in automating business processes across applications — whether to improve your internal operations or to expand your product capabilities.

GetBusy, a software company specializing in documentation management and productivity applications for over thirty years, first leveraged Celigo to modernise and automate Quote to Cash and Customer 360° processes across Zendesk, Salesforce, and NetSuite.

More recently, when launching GetBusy for NetSuite, a cutting-edge productivity suite, the team used Celigo to bring automation to the product and improve the ease in which it connects with other applications, having a major impact in its company’s ability to close deals and onboard customers efficiently.

In this on-demand webinar, Jason Ross, CIO, and Ben Oliver, CTO, at GetBusy discuss:

  • The GetBusy modernisation and automation journey
  • Key criteria for selecting an integration partner
  • Buy vs. build decision criteria
  • GetBusy’s product integration strategy with NetSuite and the choice to scale automation with Celigo for their customer base
  • A demonstration of GetBusy and its NetSuite integration in action

Meet Celigo

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