Making Digital Transformation Work with Modern iPaaS

As SaaS sprawl continues to grow and business processes become increasingly complex, CIOs and IT leaders face more pressure than ever to help their companies successfully navigate the future. We all know digital transformation is key to surviving in today’s competitive environment, yet most initiatives fail.

CIOs and IT leaders must be strategic and judicious about how they approach digital transformation. Most companies’ digital initiatives fail when they get too big, too fast. Today’s IT leaders must set the pace for these initiatives, starting with modernization efforts that create the capacity to succeed later in more ambitious efforts.

In this on-demand webinar Celigo automation experts Dave Wallen, director of platform product marketing, and Nick Piette, director of product marketing discuss why digital transformation often fails, how to reduce the risk of failure, and how to better leverage the organization to achieve success. They provide a step-by-step plan for making digital transformation work.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

Strategies for starting the digital modernization process
How to develop a blueprint for rapid automation
Tools and skills needed to effectively automate processes enterprise-wide and win the digital transformation challenge

Meet your speakers

Dave Wallen

Director of Platform Product Marketing


Nick Piette

Director Product Marketing


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