Become a Celigo pro

Celigo offers free comprehensive training and resources to teach you how to integrate your tech stack, automate any process, and optimize your workflows to meet modern demands.


Our mission

The University’s mission is to provide all the tools, resources, and training needed to help users learn about Celigo’s products. Leverage our free online training and get certified through our university. Gain practical knowledge through our webinars and see how to succeed in the iPaaS world.


Your path to success

Ready to become a certified Celigo pro? There are two options available:


Build your platform knowledge and become Celigo certified with four different self-service learning paths. Start with the basics, practice building flow elements and flows with simulations, and complete knowledge checks in this free learning option.

Master Class

The Master Class is designed to give you an accelerated approach to the Celigo platform. Participants dive into the Celigo platform, quickly building integration flows with hands-on lab exercises.


Why get certified?

Celigo University’s Certification Programs have been thoughtfully developed and designed to provide a comprehensive curriculum to help you gain a building block of knowledge about our products.

Level 1: Skilled

Learn the fundamentals of the Celigo platform through navigation and flow builder basics.

Level 2: Seasoned

Build upon the fundamentals and get in-depth training on more advanced features like Error Management and Flow Builder to help you manage and build your integrations.

Level 3: Master

Take your skills to the next level by discovering how to work with and build out integrations using our Database, FTP, and HTTP connectors.

Level 4: Legendary

Learn about the most advanced features and be able to solve complex business problems by leveraging JavaScript hooks, SuiteScript hooks, and much more!


Learn from the experts

Master integration from A to Z with articles and research covering basic information, in-depth guidance, and everything in between.