Enhancing Customer Support with Integration: A Case Study

For many businesses, an ERP acts as the central hub for accounting, order, and transaction information. However, not everyone who would actually find that information useful work with an ERP on a regular basis.

For example, customer support staff should be able to easily look up what products a customer purchased (and how much they paid for them) in order to proactively anticipate and resolve any issues that may come up. Transaction history doesn’t usually reside in support software like Zendesk unless someone is specifically assigned to manually enter information back and forth between the ERP and support system.

In a high-momentum business, the task of manually double entering transaction data takes so much time that it’s usually not considered to be worth the effort, leaving the customer experience to suffer for it. After all, no one wants to stay on the phone or shoot multiple emails, repeating the same information over and over again to different representatives.

Integration easily fixes this problem by automating this data exchange – and with it, core business processes – between ERP, customer service, and CRM applications. Done correctly, these process automations save time, improves the customer experience, and provide a solid foundation for growth.

In this eBook, we’ll cover a real-world example of a SaaS company that successfully implemented integration to regain visibility into customers – and refocusing support to better serve them.

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