Streamline payout reconciliation

Discover how Celigo can help integrate your payment gateways with your ERP and accounting systems.

Automate payout reconciliation

Payment gateway and ERP Integration

Integrate your ERP or accounting systems with your payment gateways and eliminate slow, error-prone manual processes.

Optimize processes

Download payout reports, match payouts against sales orders and refunds, and identify incorrect or missing payments.

Reduce accounting costs

Scale your accounting operations efficiently without adding more staff. Eliminate hours of monthly error prone data processing work.

Boost accounting productivity

Shift accounting teams from manually reconciling every single transaction to managing only exceptions.

Improve financial visibility

Speed up the month-end closing with real-time reconciliation. Raise disputes with payment gateways sooner by accurately tracking unsettled amounts and payment discrepancies.

Payout reconciliation processes


Procure-to-pay automation

Celigo connects apps across your tech stack and scales as your procurements increase in size and complexity. Unify data across accounting, supply chain, and procurement systems to gain real-time, accurate visibility.


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