Redefine ITSM efficiency

Automate IT service management (ITSM) with Celigo to enhance operational efficiency, improve service quality, and resolve issues faster to build customer trust.


Automate IT service management processes

Celigo provides one platform to integrate and automate your ITSM processes, enabling your organization to increase response time and reduce ticket resolution times, allowing your support staff to work on higher-priority incidents.


Mitigate error and gain enhanced visibility across multiple clouds, enabling your ITSM to operate more efficiently.


Facilitate frequent communication and seamless collaboration among IT and non-IT users.


Improve data access and accuracy, resulting in faster resolution times and enhanced service delivery.


Accelerate incident response and ticket resolution to enable the IT support team to focus on crucial strategic projects. Increase the number of incidents resolved, allowing teams to hit their SLOs.

ITSM Automation

Automate data integration across CRM, ERP, and case management to eliminate manual entry and silos, minimize risk, enhance data accuracy, reduce costs, and streamline collaboration for faster IT response times.

Build a better service desk

Break down data silos to enhance resolution times and improve service delivery. Ensure employees and customers have the most current information for rapid issue resolution. Enable business users to modify ITSM process flows and build out their own custom workflows.


Automate IT processes end-to-end

Integrate IT applications into workflows for a more automated, interconnected IT ecosystem, improving user experience, collaboration, and data transparency for better decision-making.

We used to have 1,600 tickets per month from that the team needed a manual credit check. Each easily 20 minutes to 30 minutes. It’s an amazing number. Automating these 1,600 tickets with Celigo was a great way to save for labor costs overnight.

Wesley Noorhoff,


IT Manager,




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