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Go from “onboarding” to “fully on board” faster than ever. Automate your employee onboarding processes with Celigo.


The leader in employee onboarding automation

Integrate and automate onboarding processes across the HR tech stack to reduce paperwork and eliminate manual tasks.

Every use case covered

Celigo is the leader in employee onboarding automations through integration, with seamless data syncing, provisioning, and enrollment. Optimize all your processing to enable an excellent employee experience.

Skip the manual tasks

Celigo automates routine tasks such as paperwork, training schedules, and system setups. Free your HR teams to focus on building the business, not admin.

Build relationships

Let Celigo’s AI-powered automation platform take out the technical minitua from bringing on new hires, allowing you to focus on building great relationships with your employees. Celigo enhances the new hire experience, leading to increased staff engagement and retention.

Easy compliance

Celigo helps you ensure all necessary legal and internal documents are completed correctly and stored securely, reducing the risk of compliance issues.

Employee onboarding


Revolutionize your HR operations

Automate HR tasks across applications and systems, freeing teams to focus on enhancing employee experiences, boosting efficiency, and ensuring data privacy through secure systems.

We basically cut down the workload in half. Our resources are now focused on advancing the product that we offer rather than fixing it. We do a lot with Celigo, and we have a lot of things that we still want to do with this product.

Brian Kuntz,


VP of Corporate Solutions Delivery,




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