Unlock the power of data with insights

Make data-driven decisions and trust your next move by breaking down silos and unlocking your enterprise potential with data warehouse integrations and automation from Celigo.


Eliminate data silos with data warehouse automation

Celigo integrates all your source applications to your cloud data warehouse, allowing you to break down data silos across your organization.

Integrate diverse applications

Combine all your data points in one place to generate more effective insights than a singular view. Add new data sources and applications as needed, and enable personalized decision-making across your teams.

Improve analytics

Source data from multiple operational applications into a single data warehouse to leverage real-time data visualization.

Save time and resources

Reduce IT time spent on integrations by empowering business teams to create, modify, and manage their integrations. Celigo’s user-friendly drag-and-drop features allow anyone to build and maintain integrations.

Build integrations at scale

Scale and add over 400+ data sources to ingest data from any application into your data warehouse for analytics and data-driven decision making.


Capture data from various ecommerce channels, platforms, and applications to gain comprehensive insights for improved decision-making.

Digital ad campaigns

Load campaign data from advertising platforms into a data warehouse for consolidation and analysis.


Enhance financial reporting and analysis with real-time data for improved speed, accuracy, and value, and accelerate processes by making data easily accessible in your data warehouse.


Featured data warehouse integrations


Build out data warehouse integrations at scale

Ingest data from any applications into your data warehouse. Here, we’ll connect Shopify and Zendesk to the Snowflake data warehouse.


NetSuite Analytics Warehouse

Maximize your data’s impact with Celigo, Myers-Holum, and NetSuite Analytics Warehouse. You’ll gain a reliable source of truth for all your data and the actionable insights you need to drive better business decisions.

Data warehouse and analytics

Data ingestion processes span across multiple applications and data sources.


Ecommerce marketing automation

Stay competitive by streamlining marketing across any consumer channel. Integrate all of your marketing apps and enable end-to-end ecommerce automation.


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Nothing can stop your workforce when you drive powerful integrations across your apps. Bring all your data together. And automate every business process.

The change with Celigo was noticeable right away. For the sales team to have financial data after they asked for it for two years, and that it actually went comparatively easy, was a wake-up call for us. Everything that we promised to the users: it just worked. It was a huge success.

Katia Malashyna-de Jong,


Financial Systems Director,