Reach new levels of OTC speed and accuracy

Automate order-to-cash (OTC) processes with Celigo to improve cash flow management, enhance processing speed, and ensure billing accuracy.


Streamline order-to-cash

Celigo connects your platforms and systems, automating the order-to-cash process and increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Efficient order processing

Integrate all of your ecommerce and retail applications, automate your business processes, scale your business, and say goodbye to operational inefficiencies.

Ecommerce excellence

With over a decade of experience and thousands of ecommerce customers, Celigo is the leader in ecommerce process automation. Celigo provides end-to-end coverage with expert guidance and customizable business best practices.

Eliminate errors

Celigo optimizes best practices using AI and packs AI-powered error management to reduce sales and finance costs. Automating your OTC processes with Celigo reduces manual errors, saves time, and streamlines operations.

Infinite scalability

With our platform’s proven scalability, handling large volumes of transactions during peak sales seasons, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, no longer needs to be an operational bottleneck.

The order-to-cash process


Supply chain automation across applications

Achieve efficient supply chain management through integration-driven automation. With Celigo, conveniently manage and monitor all your integrations in one place.

Celigo has helped us grow our business 10x over the last five years by letting us concentrate our core competencies. They’ve allowed regular business users to automate and manage the different tasks, while still giving the IT and technical users the ability to automate the more advanced processes for the people who are more comfortable doing that.

Jeff Hill,


Director of Global Supply Chain,


Titan Brands


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