Five Ways to Accelerate and Improve Sales and Finance Efficiency Through Automation

More sales orders mean better cash flow for your business, but only if finance can process, bill, and collect on those transactions on time. That’s especially challenging if your accounting teams are still using manual processes to obtain, input, and process sales transactions. To keep up, finance will need to boost headcount, but with extended manual processes comes more data inconsistencies and longer time to close books.

How can you bridge this gap between sales and finance and ensure your momentum of growth isn’t hampered? As always, the answer lies in automation, specifically, the automation of your entire order-to-cash process.

In this eBook, we share five ways to accelerate your sales and finance efficiency through automation.

Topics covered include:
  • Automate Sales Orders to Your Billing System
  • Streamline Customer Billing Processes
  • Implement Automated Collections
  • Integrate Payments and Payout Reconciliation
  • Boost Data Visibility for Sales and Finance